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We are believers of FOOD.

We want to empower Canadians to take charge & take over their health!

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Meet Our Foodies


Ariana Rodriguez

Nutritionist, Blog Writer, & Recipe Creator

Ariana is best known for her love of nutrition and passion for making evidence-based nutrition knowledge accessible to everyone. She believes that incorporating healthy nutritional choices in each and every meal can be fun and easy, and can be adapted to anyone’s lifestyle. Whilst eating fresh and wholesomely is the bottom line, with a touch of creativity, food can be jam-packed with flavour!


Dr. Richard Béliveau

Expert Consultant & Researcher

Dr. Richard Béliveau is a leading expect in cancer research. Holder of a doctorate in bichemistry, he is head of the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine, at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Supported by his team, Dr. Béliveau is committed to keeping the scientific community up to date, and dedicated tot he education of the public at large.


Barry D. Stein

President & Expert Consultant

Barry D. Stein graduated from McGill University and has been a member of the Bar of Quebec since 1981. As the President of the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (CCAC), he actively represents the interests of cancer patients and speaks regularly to medical professionals, industry, government, and patient groups across Canada and internationally about colorectal cancer.

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Flavours of the Mediterranean

November 10th, 2016

In the magnificient decor of an old reconstructed church that is the Salon 1861, guests will be invited to sample some of Montreal’s best Mediterranean restaurants. In a celebration of health through food, these select restaurants will be offering a fresh and delicious cuisine accompanied with the best wines. Join us for a magical night near the Mediterranean sea with flavours, specialty cocktails, wine, and music that will make senses travel.

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